This blog is run by Skiers for Sustainable Slopes. We are a group of students from the University of Colorado, Boulder who want to inform and educate skiers and snowboarders about the issues of corporate social responsibility and sustainability in the ski industry. NewLogoSFSS

The topic of social responsibility in skiing is oftentimes overlooked, as ski resorts usually inherit the positive image of brands like Patagonia and other nature-focused firms/industries. In reality, the building and operation of ski resorts can have catastrophic and permanent effects on the mountain and surrounding area. These effects include removal of vegetation, damaging mountain-faces, CO2 and other harmful emissions, water use, noise pollution, and disrespect to special interest groups who may hold a mountain in special regard. The ultimate goal of this blog is to increase transparency and encourage social responsibility in the ski industry.

We aren’t seeking any income from our posts/page, only the potential to make a positive impact on an industry which we all feel passionately about. We hope those that read this blog will share that passion and desire to push for sustainable and socially responsible ski slopes.


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